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The brief but intense Chevron-Occidental bidding war for Anadarko resulted in one of the largest upstream O&G deals ever. But that’s already old news. Now the questions on the collective mind of O&G investors and executives are: “What does this mean for my company, and are more deals on the way?”


Join us on Tuesday, June 11th for a live webinar when our expert analysts will examine the competitive landscape among the major Permian players. Follow this link to register to attend.


Andrew Dittmar, a Senior M&A Analyst on the Drillinginfo Market Research Team, will look at how the market is valuing companies on a dollar per acre basis, how that stacks up with previous Permian deals, and the key trends shaping the M&A landscape.

Andrew will also look at specific companies like Diamondback Energy, Pioneer Natural Resources and Concho that are candidates for the next transaction of $20 billion or more, and those who could be in smaller deals like Parsley Energy and Centennial Resource Development.


Tyler Krolczyk, a Petroleum Engineer and Technical Advisor on the Drillinginfo Consulting Services Team, will do a deep dive into these assets from the engineering and geology perspectives to explain why the market finds them so attractive.


You don’t want to make guesses or assumptions while evaluating your next opportunity. This webinar will provide you with the data and analysis you need to make well-informed decisions.


Use this link to register to attend. If you have a question you would like Andrew and Tyler to address, please send it to us on Twitter or Facebook.


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