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Using Drillinginfo Projection Tools In The Granite Wash


I have been playing with the Drillinginfo beta charting tools lately and they allow you to do some interesting things.  Each well takes a few clicks and you have EURs, b-factors, and economics based on the actual production data.  If you do this monthly as the new data comes in, you can see how the EURs change/or dont change depending on the actual data.

I have made a first pass using some Hemphill County Granite Wash wells that came online since 2008.  These are all the Forest, Cimarex, and Linn Energy wells that fit that criteria and had production curves with sufficient data to best fit a hyperbolic decline.  The first chart shows what the current B-factor is.  It is colored by B-factor and bubbled EUR gas.  The histogram chart to the right shows that most of the B-factors land around 1.4 plus or minus.


This second chart shows the projected EURs.  It is colored by EUR gas and bubbled by EUR liquids.  The chart shows where there are sweet spots such as the one on the western border.  The vast majority of these wells are vertical.  However, they still have pretty impressive EURs with many over 2 Bcf.

We keep track of all the Haynesville and Eagle Ford wells in this fashion for the subscribers of the DNA Unconventional Platform.  We track them month to month to show how the curves change and what to expect from the wells depending on the amount of data available.

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