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Using Drillinginfo For Private Company Recon Work


One of the great things about Drillinginfo is it is a great data source for private company research.  Whether you are an equity investor, or an operator seeking opportunities, I don’t think oil and gas due diligence can truely be ‘due’ without DI data.  Here is an example.

Below are wells that began production this year in the SW corner of the Eagle Ford operated by private companies.  The exception is ZaZa, they are now public with the Toreador merger and we know Hess is the majority WI holder.  By the way, if anyone has ZaZa/Toreador research as it relates to Hess and the Eagle Ford I would love to check it out, shoot me an email

Private-Company-Blog-300x225Peregrine Petroleum – According to their website, Peregrine is actively seeking JV partners to aid in project development.  DI leasing data shows 15k gross acres with Peregrine Petroleum as the grantee in Dimmit County.   The acreage looks offset to Anadarko’s position.  DI also shows Peregrine activity in Maverick County.  Completion data shows the two wells highlighted were completed with a 14 and 15 stage frac.  At least one was slickwater.  They are modest wells with peak monthly oil volumes of 131 and 63 BO/D.

Strand Energy – The Strand Energy well is interesting because it is in Zavala County.  Petrohawk had (still has?) some acreage up there but decided to stop developing it.  In fact, they dubbed Red Hawk as “Dead Hawk”.  Does this mean it is not economic?  No.  Petrohawk has some extremely attractive acreage elsewhere in the play that provides much more bang for their buck.  The Strand well has a peak monthly volume of ~110 BO/D with a 15 stage frac, according to Drillinginfo.  The decline, for whatever reason, is shallow.  4 months after its peak rate of 110 BO/D, it is producing 92 BO/D.

Matador Production – The best well of the bunch is by Matador Production Company.  It has produced 92Mbo in the last 4 months.  DI leasing data shows 30k gross acres with Matador as the grantee in La Salle County.

US Enercorp – The US Enercorp well is a good data point for Frio County and the central oil region at 423 BO/D.  It is shallower, lacking in gas drive, and some clients have expressed concern about the area.

Private and small cap companies operate in all the unconventional basins in the US.  Using Drillinginfo, DI Desktop (formerly known as HPDI), and the DI-ESP custom data set gives investors a heads up on these activities.


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