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Up, Up, And Away!!


Arizon permitsWhile plowing through our database we decided to see what was going on in Arizona (more out of a sense of duty than a belief that we’d see much of interest). Goes to show…Potash Green LLC out of Moab last Thursday filed two widely spaced permits in eastern Arizona (Apache county)that list helium-strat potash as the objective reservoir. Given that evaporite seals are believed to be necessary to seal the smaller molecular size of helium, it’s not inconceivable that there’s a potential helium play happening in Arizona. With demonstrated helium production in the 4 corners area, and potential in Cibola county in western NM (as well as Dan Hughes cable tooling the Perca shale in Hidalgo county NM to the tune of two feet every 19 days) something may be afoot. If you scout it, take your id….

To dig deeper Drillinginfo members can login and run a permit search in Arizona for the last 30 days. If you’re not yet a member I recommend our free trial which will give you insight into everything DI has to offer, including play information, related filings, production data, evaluation tools, etc.

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