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Tips Straight from Drillinginfo Customer Support…Who Better?


Browser Combatability
Drillinginfo is designed to be compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox. Some users will find that they can use our site on Google Chrome or Safari but ultimately they will run into strange issues and the site will not function as it should. If this has happened to you before make a mental note to use Internet Explorer or Firefox when accessing DrillingInfo.

Certificate Hiccups
We have discovered that certain users run into Certificate hiccups when purchasing information from Drillinginfo. You can avoid this obstacle by confirming that you are including the “www.”  before the website address, Check to see if your favorites link or bookmark is set to go to and not just

Enhanced Exports
DI Plus clients that use enhanced exports may encounter an issue with their enhanced export if they have run a Well search and have  “hasDNAdocs” checked under Columns to Display in Table on the search criteria page. If you run into this problem simply click on Previous Search Criterion page and uncheck “hasDNAdocs,” then continue forward with your enhanced export.

This post was written by Ann Stauffer, a member of our awesome Customer Support team. To speak with a member of the Support team, don’t hesitate to call them at 1-888-290-7697.

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