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Third Quarter 2012 Granite Wash Operator Highlights


Third quarter conference calls are winding down and I wanted to take note of some of the operational and performance highlights coming out of the Granite Wash trend area of the Texas Panhandle and Western Oklahoma.   In order to get an idea of some of the top operator activity in the area, I did a simple permit search in Texas and Oklahoma and combined the two states using Drillinginfo. The search below is restricted to horizontal permits filed in the third quarter and within the Granite Wash areal extent.

Linn Energy:

  • Shifting from Granite Wash drilling program to focus on the liquids-rich Hogshooter formation.
  • Linn currently has 8 rigs targeting the Hogshooter.
  • Completion of 9 Hogshooter wells with average initial production rates of about 1,983 Bbls/d of oil, 534 Bbls/d of NGLs, and 3.4 MMcf/d of dry gas per well.
  • Successfully drilled 12 Hogshooter wells year to date which have produced a cumulative total of around 700,000 Bbls of oil
  • Linn plans to drill another 11 wells by the end of 2012 and expand Hogshooter development into the Mayfield area of western Oklahoma.
  • Net horizontal Granite Wash production during the third quarter averaged 193 MMcfe/d, an increase in 21% over the second quarter which was 160 MMcfe/d.

Apache Corporation:

  • Currently running 23 rigs in the region
  • Notable highlights in the quarter come from the oily Marmaton, Tonkawa, and Cottage Grove, a new horizontal play Apache is testing on and around the Stiles Ranch property.   However, the Granite Wash continues to be the focus of their drilling program where despite low NGL prices it remains economic to develop.
  • Some key wells completed in the third quarter include:
  • Tonkawa:   The Karen 1-25H averaged 525 bo/d at 1.8 Mmcf/d  and the Steward 1-20H averaged 654 bo/d and 758 Mcf/d.
  • Marmaton:   The Eagle 1-16H averaged 514 bo/d and 5.8 Mmcf/d and the Maddole 1-18H averaged 1,116 bo/d at 8.9 Mmcf/d
  • Cottage Grove:  The Stiles 24-68H averaged 893 bo/d and 1.2 Mmcf/d and the Stiles 12-1H averaged 1,652 bo/d at 1.6 Mmcf/d.
  • Granite Wash:  The Weatherlee 6-1H averaged 672 bo/d and 5.7 Mmcf/d.

Chesapeake Energy:

  • 190,000 net Granite Wash acres
  • Notable wells completed in the quarter include:
  • The Davis 65 21H in Wheeler County, TX achieved a peak rate of approximately 3,765 boe per day, which included 765 bbls of oil, 1,230 bbls of NGL and 10.6 mmcf of natural gas per day.
  • The Clarence B 21-11-26 1H in Beckham County, OK achieved a peak rate of approximately 2,305 boe per day, which included 750 bbls of oil, 490 bbls of NGL and 6.4 mmcf of natural gas per day
  • The Ervin 17-11-17 2H in Washita County, OK achieved a peak rate of approximately 1,790 boe per day, which included 460 bbls of oil, 495 bbls of NGL and 5.0 mmcf of natural gas per day.

Since there are multiple producing reservoirs throughout the Anadarko Basin, I felt that it would be wise to get an idea of where these wells are located.  Using DI Desktop, I have generated a search for horizontal wells over the past 3 years.  The map below provides a general spatial trend of wells by producing formation.

For more information on activity in the Granite Wash trend area feel free to check out the Granite Wash folder of DNA in the Drillinginfo website.

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