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[VIDEO] The Oil and Gas Industry Future is Now: Drillinginfo 2.0 Preview


Lets take a look at some of the innovation we will see in the coming months from Drillinginfo.

Over the next few months, Drillinginfo is going to introduce a series of revolutionary products to the marketplace. We’re going to completely change the industry in terms of what we produce and what we deliver to customers. Here are some examples of what you’re going to see.

Rapid Data Access and Visualization

Our new offering will give users unprecedented, faster access to data more accurately than ever before with the ability to bring in land, production, well, and rig data and see it on a single map, being able to turn layers on and off. It will allow customers to make quicker decisions faster and produce answers more accurately.

Automated Geological Interpretation

Our new well interpretation system will allow you to build cross-sections in 2D or in 3D.

The most revolutionary part of what we’re offering is the ability to automatic correlate. So you pick one or two tops, and the system will go ahead and pick the rest of the tops for you. This will save you time and money in generating prospects.

Guided Geophysical Interpretation

Our new seismic interpretation system has an auto picker that is better than anyone in the industry. You can actually visualize the synthetics in 3D along with all the rest of your seismic.

Fault and fault seal analysis are part of the interpretation, so users can clip and trim their faults at the same time they’re doing their interpretation. The fault structural model then drops out of this so users can see the entire structural model. What this brings to users is a more accurate system in much quicker time.

Accurate Time to Depth Conversion

Our new time to depth conversion system allows the user to see the models both in time and in depth. Once the correlations are made, the user can pick interval or average velocity. This will convert the entire seismic volume to depth for later use in analytics. A depth volume that is more accurate means a more accurate prospect for our users. This new functionality significantly reduces your risk.

State-of-the-Art Analytics

With our new analytics offering the user will be able to perform univariate, bivariate, and multivariate statistics on virtually anything. With seismic now converted to depth, users will be able to correlate their seismic data and their well data in any fashion they desire. This functionality will show you where to lease, where to focus your time and resources, with much greater accuracy and speed.

Now you’ve seen improvements on how you will access data and visualize it, how you will interpret wells in a new way, how you will interpret seismic in a completely different fashion, a new seismic time to depth conversion system, and analytics that you’ve never been able to do before.

We will continue to innovate and provide solutions to you in the future. This is just a glimpse of how we will make a transformative change to the industry.

Your Turn

What steps are you taking to keep your business out in front? What technological changes are you looking forward to in the oil and gas industry? Please leave a comment below.

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John Fierstien

is the Director of Data Inventory. He has worked as a geologist for several E&P companies and as someone who has been helping to create some of the best tools for geologists and geophysicists to help them find oil and gas. He received his Bachelor of Science in Biology and Geology from Central Michigan University and his Master of Science in Geology from the University of Pittsburgh.