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Innovation, Information, Insights: The New DI Product Gallery


Here at Drillinginfo, every day our boss Allen Gilmer encourages us to “have the confidence to push an idea or an agenda or a project or a change in the way you do things.” He doesn’t do this to promote some sort of touchy-feely new-age workplace ideal, or as part of some cult of manipulation. He does this because he knows that innovation and progress are more the life-blood of this company than the petabytes of data; the hundreds of thousands of well logs; the fantastic ideas of the past.

As you seek more efficiency, more accuracy, and better, faster decisions, especially in this down cycle, you need a partner that is driving towards giving you a competitive edge in all of your choices. It is our strong belief that there is no better investment in any market than solid information, intelligence and insights, and that is what we strive to provide the oil and gas industry.

Today we debut a rather significant and exciting change to the way we help you get to the insights you seek.

DI Product Gallery

PG - fig 1 di product gallery

The most visible indication of the changes we are bringing to bear today is the new DI Product Gallery. Faster and easier to use than our old homepage, the DI Product Gallery will give you access to all of the classic products and tools that you are used to from DI, along with thumbnails and additional information about less familiar products you may find useful. Additionally, the right-rail sidebar will keep you posted about the latest in training, events, and company news.

DI Labs

The next line of tiles in the new DI Product Gallery is for new product and workflow releases that are literally the up-and-coming solutions here from Drillinginfo. More than just branding for products, DI Labs is a strategy for engaging with our clients early in our software development cycle, so we can quickly deliver value to our clients. If you want to help shape the future of oil & gas software every day and potentially work directly with our product managers, you’ll want to keep an eye on this section.

DI Production Workspace

Our first major release within the DI Labs suite is the DI Production Workspace. Building off of our most popular DI Desktop Workflow, we have created a browser based interface to production data that you will have to see to believe: How would you like to load up Texas production data back to the 1930s in 19 seconds? With the DI Production Workspace you can not only have all the data at your fingertips, you can slice and dice that data any which way you want it, and get positive, dynamic, visual feedback almost immediately.

PG - fig 2 di product gallery

And stay tuned

In just a few weeks we’ll be launching our next DI Labs product: Subsurfr! Get ready for dynamic, interactive 3d visualizations of subsurface structures!

DI Workspaces

The gallery also showcases, ‘My Workspaces,’ which are custom searches customers can save and come back to later to continue working on over time. These searches can be based on geography, well depth, completion data, etc. Being able to save a search and access it repeatedly will help our customers be more efficient and drive decisions faster.


We certainly hope not, these innovations are designed to save you time and make your workflows faster and better. If, however, you just want to have your info the way it used to be, you can click on the top left tile (DI Classic), and then bookmark the resulting page.


We hope you enjoy the innovations to our product. The behind the scenes changes to our platform are equally game-changing, and will allow us to innovate for you at an even faster clip. Enjoy!

Your Turn

What do you think about our new DI Product Gallery? DI Labs? Leave a comment below.

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