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The DI Dealmaker Suite is Live!


After months of hard work and collaboration that both managed to make for some long days (and nights) and yet still seemed to fly by, I’m proud to announce the launch of our new DI Dealmaker Suite. By integrating the databases and technologies of the three most trusted sources for information and analysis: Drillinginfo, PLS, and 1Derrick, we have built a platform that will forever change how you learn about and evaluate potential and completed deals. As the Houston Chronicle’s Sergio Chapa wrote after seeing a short demo at the North American Prospect Expo (NAPE), we have created the “oilfield version of Zillow.”

With the combination of the top three sources of data and analysis in the DI Dealmaker Suite, we deliver deal information and commentary to your preferred devices in a matter of minutes. It’s this pedigree that positions us as the only provider with a platform that brings together powerful transaction data and analysis, historical data from years of collection, and objective industry data including production, rigs, permits, and leases into a single source for decision making.


Within minutes of a new deal announcement that fits within parameters you set, you receive a push notification with the news on your phone via the Drillinginfo mobile app.


Opening the deal on the mobile or desktop apps enables you to view the deal terms, the deal report, comps, and other information about publicly reported IP’s, type curves, etc., complete with links to source documents. Create heat maps comprised of layers that show dozens of different parameters for active deals and historical transactions to instantly gain more context into any transaction.


Although we officially launched the DI Dealmaker Suite today, we provided hands-on demonstrations to attendees at NAPE in Houston earlier this year. I lost count of how many demos we led, but a handful of features that proved to be real attention-grabbers:


  • Quickly identifying private company funding along with initial fund dates and commitments
  • Visualizing a heat map by cost per acre based on individual analysis of 10,000 deals over the last 15 years
  • Fast and easy access to source documents for company profiles, transactions, and deals for sale
  • The ability to view active deals, recent transactions, and source documents directly from the mobile app


If you didn’t attend NAPE, no problem! Head to to learn about all the features and schedule a 1:1 demonstration.

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Colin Westmoreland

Senior Vice President, General Manager-Market Research