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Texas Bone Springs Activity


There is currently so much activity in the Permian Basin it can be hard to keep tabs on it all.  The Bone Springs to the West, the Wolfberry to the East, the Wolffork to the South, and the loads of conventional production occurring all over the Basin.  Much of the unconventional activity is based on commingled vertical activity, however we are seeing some operators begin to test the feasibility of horizontal production, even through vertically developed areas.

I think it is a good time to talk a bit about the Bone Springs activity occurring in the Delaware Basin in SE New Mexico and far West Texas.  There have been quite a few operators (Chesapeake, Devon, Cimarex to name a few) discussing this lately.  I believe the Concho Resources presentation from a September energy conference was the most informative and I’ll post a slide below.  This slide shows a stratigraphic column as well as a map showing their acreage and a play outline.  All three members of the Bone Spring are of Leonard age thus explaining why EOG Resources calls it the Leonard shale.  Depending on where the acreage is, operators will be drilling vertically to comingle with deeper wolfcamp shales (wolf-bone) or they will be horizontally drilling the Bone Springs (particularly the upper shale).


Here is a permit map of the Texas portion.  These are all permits drilled in 2010 regardless of formation listed.  Many of the more well known Bone Springs operators are on this map including Devon, Cimarex and EnCana.

DI- Energy Strategy Partners is paying particular attention to this area as well as the entire Permian Basin.  This Wolfberry blog may evolve into a Permian Basin blog, or we will start up separate blogs for the separate plays.  Regardless keep checking early and often and the Wolfberry Unconventional Update is being continuously updated with regulatory and non-regulatory info, all that is required is a DI login.

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