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Target Energy Goes Even Further Down Under


Deeper is the theme for the Perth, Australia based E&P company.  Target Energy recently announced strong oil flow from the Darwin #1, located in Howard County in the Midland Basin.  Following acid stimulation, the well flowing through a 10/64 inch choke produced a little over 240 bopd during initial flow tests, with associated gas and no water.  The Darwin #1 targeted the Wolfberry and lower Fusselman sections, but was perforated in the Devonian-aged Fusselman.  According to Target managing director, Laurence Roe, “The Wolfberry section looks very good, but in keeping with local practice, we will defer any Wolfberry testing and production while the Fusselman remains productive.”  Target has a 60% working interest in the well, which is the second well completed in the “Fairway project” in Howard County.  The project is being operated by Trilogy Operating, Inc. of Midland, which has a 30% working interest in the project.

Using Drillinginfo, I’ve taken a look at the other operators were drilling down to the Fusselman.  Also, a quick count of Fusselman commingled permits compared to all other Trend Area permits within the past year.

According to the project’s wireline log analysis done by Target, there have been indications of significant oil shows in numerous sections, including the San Andres, Clear Fork, Spraberry-Dean, Wolfcamp, Strawn, Mississippian limestones, and the Fusselman.  This comes as no surprise to anyone that has drilled in this portion of the Midland Basin, but it does reiterate the potential involved with numerous pay zones throughout the vertical section.  Drilling into deeper formations in the Wolfberry Trend Area has been the focus for many operators in the region.  Pioneer has shown type curves increase 30 MBOE by drilling through the full Wolfcamp section, compared to only the upper Wolfcamp, and estimates wells perforating the Strawn will have up to a 20% increase in cumulative production in the first year.  The Target Energy wells will aim for 140 MBOE in the Wolfberry, but with potential for an additional 80 MBOE by perforating the Fusselman.

Feel free to check out other Wolfberry activity in Drillinginfo’s DNA section.  Or should I say Fusselberry?

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