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Sugarkane Corridor Producing The Best Wells In The Trend


The recent Eagle Ford analyst trend is to break the play down into five areas; East and West oil, dry gas, and East and West condensate.  In our estimation, the Sugarkane corridor (which corresponds to the East condensate area) is producing the best wells in the trend and has been for about a year, ever since the Geosouthern wells of Dewitt County came online.  Of course this could all change when the EOG oil window data finally arrives which should be by 3Q2011.  With that being said lets take a quick look at the data in this area using Drillinginfo.

I have a map posted below showing producing Eagle Ford wells  in the area.  They are colored by company and bubbled by maximum monthly liquids produced.  I like to bubble by the maximum liquids produced to give an idea of how liquids’y wells are relative to the others.  GOR contours work much better, but that map is much more detailed and available to our Unconventional Research Platform subscribers only…


The three ovals correspond to three distinct areas of production: Oil, wet gas with high volumes of liquids, and wet gas with mid-range volumes of liquids  This is also where many of the big deals have occured lately, namely the Pioneer/Reliance, the Enduring/Talisman-Statoil, and the Dan A. Hughes/PXP acquisitions.

If I had to pick one operator here that is seemingly standing above the rest, it would be Burlington (Conoco).  I will allow three of their latest wells to make a case for me.

– HILMER KOOPMANN A274 with a peak month production of 1,082 Bbls/D + 3,203 Mcf/D

– MARALDO A403 with a peak month production of 926 Bbls/D + 3,593 Mcf/D

– F. MALEK with a peak month production of 1,071 Bbls/D + 3,046 Mcf/D

These wells seem to be the norm for Burlington as of late and fall in the Sugarkane corridor.

I also want to show how an example of how to use the extensive Drillinginfo leasing tool.  Drillinginfo has landtrac polygons for many, and soon to be all, of the unconventional plays.  Below is Live Oak County, layered with 4Q permits and Drillinginfo Landtracs.

These are extremely valuable in the evaluation of a potential target position and the evaluation of neighboring leasholds.  The area shown in this map is firmly in the condensate window as the dry gas data point, Robert Crawley 1H, is further south.

Check back to these blogs for all things unconventional.  Contact myself or [email protected] for more information on the Unconventional Research Platform.  The Platform is a powerful tool designed for in-depth and time saving analysis of unconventional play activity

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