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Some Important Points About the Leases We Collect


Drillinginfo provides its customers leasing data that gives them a quick cost effective snapshot of leasing activity in our coverage area.  We have lately heard a spate of misinformation about what it is we have and don’t have from some of our members that indicate that some “wives tales” are being passed around.

Our folks in the leasing department have come up with some answers to frequently asked leasing questions.

To quickly synopsize, EXCEPT for Northern Louisiana, our lease coverage should include ALL Grantees for a tract (there are some exceptions, but it accounts for less than 1%,).  It does NOT include all Grantors for that tract, since they generally signed the same lease and terms as the one we gathered.  In other words, if a tract is shown as leased, it is leased, and you should be able to see by whom it is leased.  We DON’T currently collect assignments, but this can be inferred by well operations.  In Northern Louisiana, we DO collect the full deck of leases and assignments.

I hope this helps!

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