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Solve Oil and Gas Problems Without Losing Your Mind


Use DI Plus to solve your oil and gas problems and make forward-looking decisions in a dynamic landscape

Price swings and dynamic forecasts are regular occurrences in the oil and gas industry. Surviving and thriving requires versatile tools that solve different problems and manage mass quantities of data. It’s a lot to ask for in one piece of software, but DI Plus is unique because it solves so many different problems.

JE - fig 1 oil and gas problems
So much land, so much research to do

Problem: You struggle to find accurate land information, but the research process is crushing your spirit
Solution: DI LandTrac
The search for up-to-date land information often means traveling to different places to find property records or searching for property owners. This can take up a lot of time and stall progress on a project. DI LandTrac units and leases use actual property descriptions so you have instant access 24/7 to the right information. Think of all the fun things you can do with that extra time.

JE - fig 2 oil and gas problems
Unseal the mysteries of allocated production

Problem: You need to see individual wells, but they appear to be top secret
Solution: Allocated production data
Hearing about something and never getting to see or use it is frustrating (hoverboards, anyone?). DI Plus uses a proprietary algorithm to estimate the number of individual wells. This helps you learn something useful despite state regulations. Then, you have the option to export that data to different file formats for further analysis. It’s a win-win-win.

JE - fig 3 oil and gas problems
The geodatabase will put a smile on your face

Problem: You use different software just to find lease, well, and subsurface data and can barely keep everything organized
Solution: Download this and other critical data all at once via the geodatabase. the system delivers it by FTP every week. The geodatabase (in ESRI format) updates you on all of the above information, as well as pre-permits, permits, surface locations, and Texas pipelines. You can’t beat a format that takes up very little room and is easy to search, compress, export, and import. Fun fact: ESRI staff recommend using file geodatabases for better data management and storage.

JE - fig 4 oil and gas problems
Learn to love data Source:

Problem: You need to analyze large sets of data quickly
Solution: Enhanced export functionality and DI Advanced Modules
More companies in the industry are using big data to thrive in a dynamic environment. Unfortunately, 99% of firms don’t even use the data they gather! How can you join the 1% that actually uses the data? Get DI Plus. It gives you the ability to download 250,000 rows of data at once so it’s easy to import complex data into your own database. You also have the choice to purchase DI Advanced Modules for even more analysis. Modules include:

  • DI Engineering
  • DI GeoData Services
  • DI Play Assessments
  • DI Analytics
  • DI Digital Well Logs

Use the features of DI Plus to get more control over every aspect of your work, including the research process, costs, data analysis, and exporting files. We designed DI Plus to be the comprehensive answer to your prayers.

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