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Snapshot Of Wolfcamp and Bone Springs 2010 Horizontal Activity


I spent some time studying the Bone Springs play in the Permian recently, and was a bit surprised at what I found.  I did not realize the extent to which horizontal drilling was occuring both in the Delware Basin and up onto the NW Shelf into New Mexico.  I’ll post a quick and dirty overview of 2010 horizontal activity in this blog.

First, here are 2010 horizontal Bone Springs and Wolfcamp wells colored by reservoir.  I also included a nice stratigraphic column to get an idea of how it changes as you go from the NW shelf down to the Delaware Basin.  The yellow highlighted section of the Delaware Basin column are the Bone Springs carbonates.

WC11-530x398Here are the top 10 operators…

…and here is a map of the wells colored by maximum monthly production (BOE/D 18:1).

There are also quite a few horizontals being drilled into the Yeso subplays.  Here are the 2010 Yeso type wells colored by horizontal and verticals.  I will blog on this in a little more detail later.

The Delaware Basin and NW Shelf unconventional activity has been picking up lately.  Many of these operators will be discussing their programs during the coming 4Q2010 Earnings Calls and we at DI-ESP will be on top of all the big ones, I will post as much info as I can.

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