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Snapshot Of The Eagle Ford, GOR Ranking Chart


This entry will be short and sweet.  I want to post a map of all Eagle Ford wells with production history since the middle of 2008, and then a chart ranking the operators from most oily to most dry based on wells that have come online in the past 6 months.

My current producing Eagle Ford well count is 357.


For this GOR ranking chart, I took out the far NE wells.  I also took out a few operators who had one or two wells.  Enjoy.

There are a couple pervading thoughts when I think of 2011 Eagle Ford activity.  One, the oil window.  How good is it? Do the economics compete with the wet gas and how?  Two, when the dust settles where will the sweet spots emerge?  Obviously the Sugarkane Corridor looks attractive as does central La Salle.  Finally, what types of deals will occur with particular interest to international companies.

As always, check back to this blog for all things Eagle Ford.

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