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SEG Conference 2014: Disruptive Innovation in Unconventional Oil & Gas


We had a blast at SEG 2014 in Denver, and are really looking forward to SEG 2015 in New Orleans!

SEG conference 2014 opening session

Our first big highlight was during the Opening Session panel when Drillinginfo CEO Allen Gilmer shared the stage with Thomas A. Petrie and Chunka Mui.

Petrie discussed the geopolitical change and technological advances brought on by the disruption of the unconventional revolution, while Mui focused on the huge potential disruption of driverless cars and the impact that technology could have on industry and individuals.

Allen’s presentation, No Escape from Big Data Analytics, focused on the disruptive technology of harnassing useful structure from large amounts of data.

He began with a brief discussion of The Granddaddy of Big Data Analytics (digital seismologists, naturally). Every advance in seismic resolution has brought with it a tremendous advance in the amount of resources required.

seg conference No Escape from Big Data Analytics-v7-edr (1)

Between our industry heritage of harnessing large volumes of data, and the current explosion of innovation in extracting useful structure out of data in other industries, the oil and gas industry is poised to further the unconventional revolution through more accuracy in exploration and more efficiency in production.

As we approach “real-time” collection and analysis of drilling, completion and production data, the visualization of the data must become easy to grasp.

seg conference 12 RS microseismic 20 sec

And the best decisions have to allow understanding all of the variables.

seg conference No Escape from Big Data Analytics-v7-edr (2)
Map on the right is created from Transform MvStats model and shows the benefit of normalizing out engineering attributes for a better geological map

The exhibition floor

Throughout the exhibition, we shared a number of technical presentations, showing off some our data and analysis, as well as our mighty Transform software, which we put through the paces of it’s seamless integration of land, geology and engineering data.

Everyone seemed to enjoy Clint Barefoot’s presentation, From Idea to Action in 10 Minutes, in which he showed off our new Niobrara Geology package (over 6500 well logs have been picked and QC’d by our house geologists) and how easy it is to start from the geology, integrate engineering practices, and create a highly accurate predictive map – which you will be able to print out starting with Transform’s 4.3 release in early December.

At the bottom of this post is a gallery of the selfies we took out on the floor of the exhibition.

The party

Oh yeah — we had a party. At Rock Bottom Brewery on Tuesday evening. What a highlight for us – it was certainly great seeing you there. We’ll do it again next year at the SEG Conference 2015 in New Orleans!

Your Turn

What do you think? What were your highlights from the SEG conference? Leave a comment below.

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