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Rosetta Resources Details Production Stream Breakout


The appendix of a recent Rosetta Resources conference presentation had a nifty breakdown of their Gates Ranch production stream.  I’ll post the slides below and a couple key takeaways.


Some key data:

– 72 Bbls/MMcf of condensate yield

– Average gas shrinkage 30%

– 113 Bbls/MMcf of NGL yield

– Ethane gets 25% of WTI, there has been much talk of the drop in Ethane demand as of late

So a ratio of 1.36 Net/Gross volumes yields a pretty nice bump in well economics.  Also discussed with Rosetta lately is the completion of the Dos Hermanas pipeline to provide takeaway capacity.  Rosetta will be drilling their 2011 Gates Ranch infill wells from pads at 3 wells/pad to aide in drilling efficiencies and costs.  Current Rosetta Eagle Ford drilling costs are $7.5-$8.5MM.

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