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Recent TX Haynesville Activity, Restricted Rates, and EnCana


I am going to make this post short and sweet, basically a compilation of a few slides I was working on for internal use.

Here are some recent Haynesville producers.


Using data straight out of Drillinginfo, I made a chart of peak monthly gas rates and 3-month declines through time.  I chose EOG and EXCO because they are two top operators.  Clients of DI-ESP have access to not only this Drillinginfo data set, but also the coveted DI-ESP data set.  The ESP data set is a combination of all the Drillinginfo and HPDI data, plus all other DI products.  This forms one, all inclusive, set that seeks to provide the BEST answer possible.

It can be tough to model the effects of restricted rate production in less mature plays.  Some of the trends you see are simply due to science stage testing or lack of infrastructure.  We look to mature plays like the Haynesville, Barnett, and Bakken to identify trends that may have serious impacts on other emerging plays.

Speaking of emerging vs developed plays, here is a neat chart of EnCana’s learning curve.  I always like these charts, the learning curve is real and should be taken into account when passing judgement on operator performance and economics.  If an operator quotes a 50% ROR in a play, you should do some due diligence to determine if that number reflects producing wells or future wells.  Take note Mr. Berman.

I know I haven’t blogged on the Haynesville in a while, I am working hard to find the time to continue blogging on all the plays DI-ESP covers.  This is a challenge, but well worth it for the feedback we receive from readers and clients.

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