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Recent Product Releases and Enhancements


Drillinginfo is excited to announce our Q4 product releases and enhancements.


Drillinginfo Leasing coverage moves to California, Montana, and Kansas. Our land department is in the process of expanding Fee Lease coverage to as many states as possible throughout the U.S. With today’s release, Drillinginfo now possesses lease information for these three additional states including 50 counties and 140,554 fee leases. The counties selected in each state reside in significant oil and gas play areas: the Monterrey Shale in southern California, the Mississippi Lime in Kansas, the Alberta Bakken/Heath in northwestern Montana, and the Bakken in eastern Montana. Coverage for these new states begins on January 1, 2002 and will be continuously updated.  If you have access to those states, you can run a lease search immediately. If you would like access, please contact your account representative, or e-mail [email protected], and we’ll have someone reach out to you immediately.

Drillinginfo currently has the largest and most consistently updated leasing database in the United States.


With the advancement in mobile technology, there has been a huge increase in requests for a Drillinginfo phone application. Drillinginfo is very happy to announce the release of DI-WellSpot. WellSpot is a free phone and tablet application available to all iPhone and Android users, which allow you to use generate basic well information while on the road. The map interface allows you to see wells within a 5-8 mile radius around your location. Once you find your well, by clicking the spot, you’re able to bring up associated well information. Additionally, DI-WellSpot allows you to use your camera to find wells within the area. Simply point your mobile phone in a specific direction, and WellSpot will show you which wells are in the area, based on the direction of your camera. DI WellSpot is now available for download at the Apple and Android stores.


Drillinginfo now gives you the capability to view North Dakota Frac information. DI Pro subscribers now have access to the following features:

  • Completions Detail Enhancements displayed in a tabular view of completion details including Treatment Types, Proppant, Fluids and Treatment Fluid Additives
  • Selectable columns enhancements to easily find completions with complete Frac Stage Detail or Partial Frac Detail
  • Search Wizard enhancements filtered by lateral length, number of frac stages, number of drilling days and perforations below a specified measured depth value
  • The standard Completions Selectable Columns, with the additional field to display lateral length, number of frac stages, and number of days drilled

If you would like access to this information, please contact your account representative about a DI Pro subscription.

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