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Recent Niobrara Activity; EOG, Noble


There is not a tremendous amount of Niobrara production data coming in outside of Wattenberg as far as DJ Basin goes.  Here is a short post showing some Niobrara permitting and production.  Of course, there is a lot of Niobrara permitting occuring all over Wyoming especially,however this post will deal with Weld and Laramie counties only.

First, 2011 permitting of selected operators.  I chose Noble, EOG, Anadarko, Carrizo, and PDC.  The last time I ran a permit search I did not notice EOG stepping out to the East as is shown here.  Noble and Anadarko are still heavily developing Wattenberg Field in southern Weld county, both horizontally and vertically.   The EOG permit in northern Laramie is in the vicinity of many other EOG permits from 2010 such as the Klondike and Silver Bear leases.


Below is all the production in Weld County outside of Wattenberg.  There is not much, only two operators.  Most of these wells are vertical, I guess tests, with decent production.  The horizontals are producing well over 100 BOPD, with some up near 300+.

Look for more Niobrara info out of this blog, I hope to investigate other basins as well.

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