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Recent Eagle Ford Activity – Permits, Petrohawk, EOG, ZaZa


We stay on top of all kinds of trends here at DI-ESP, everything from production, to leasing, to permitting, to drilling stats etc.  Permitting is the most basic of these trends and I figure we should talk about it, especially in light of all these recent transactions.

Below is a map of recent permits, from 11/22/2010 (week of thanksgiving) – now.  I have annotated some of the more known areas.

Hawkville Field in La Salle and McMullen is still dominated by Petrohawk.  However, there are others drilling productive wells.  Talisman (picked up Common acreage) and El Paso are here focusing on the gas condensate window.

Sugarkane, in the Karnes-Dewitt corridor, is the area producing the best wells to date.  Conoco is the primary operator here.  Their two best wells in our database are the Eskew North Unit and the Hilmer Koopman A274.  These wells have maximum monthly averages of 1,144 Bbl/D + 4,534 Mcf/D and 1,082 Bbl/D + 3,203 Mcf/D respectively.

The Maverick Basin is still dominated by Anadarko.  They have producing wells all across Dimmit County.  Chesapeake is here as well as Shell further North.  Newfield is here but have not permitted in this date range.

There are some other interesting things to note.

– ZaZa Energy has 3 permits in NW La Salle County.  There are a few operators who have undisclosed positions and have said they are spudding in late November.  Look for ZaZa to be in one of these JVs.  The ZaZa website states they have 120k net acres throughout the trend, we have identified their LaSalle position based on DI leasing info, it is extensive.

– Petrohawk has begun permitting just south of the EOG Marshall Unit oil wells and offsets.  See below

– Most of the NE wells are not Eagle Ford.  Clayton Williams has been one company testing their acreage for Eagle Ford potential.  This area is still unproven.

Come back to this blog and the DI Unconventional Updates available to all DI users for all things Eagle Ford.

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