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Ramblin’ Man Dimmit County Spotlight


Women love him, men want to BE him, here’s Ramblin’ Man with his spotlight of Dimmit county land activity.

Dimmit County Spotlight

Named for Phillip Dimmitt, a Texas Revolutionary War Officer (the county name is officially Dimmit – the “T” was dropped due to a misspelling in the 1858 bill creating the county), Dimmit County, Texas is no stranger to resource plays.  However, following the Austin Chalk play of the 1980’s and 1990’s leasing activity had waned substantially.  Then came the Eagle Ford – a South Texas Rancher’s equivalent to winning the lottery.  With bonuses running above $1000 per acre – rumors say $2000 but we haven’t been able to verify, the minerals are leasing fast.  Currently, over 1356 tracts have been leased, with 2010 already surpassing any previous year within the first four months alone.  Leasing per year going back to 2002 is as follows:

2002: 116

2003: 36

2004: 46

2005: 53

2006: 193

2007: 207

2008: 220

2009: 245

2010 (January through April): 246

The average tract size is smaller than LaSalle or McMullen counties at 799.05 acres.  This is primary due to the multiple subdivisions partitioned during first few decades of 1900’s, when artesian wells enabled farmers to prosper.  As the wells went dry and farmers left, the subdivisions remained.

Food is typical of the region.  Carrizo Springs is home to several fast food chains including the South Texas requisites Church’s, Pizza Hut and Subway.  If these do not satisfy your culinary tastes, local establishments such as Balia or Andy’s offer everything from Tex-Mex to Seafood.

Lodging accommodations are fair – with the Texan Inn coming the most highly recommended (on the expensive side at $109.00 per night).  After that the Executive Inn and Balia (also home to the restaurant) offer acceptable lodging.  With the Eagle Ford Shale Play, space is limited so you may want to book your reservations in advance.  Otherwise, you might be staying in Eagle Pass (Cotulla is often booked as well).

Nightlife is limited.  In fact, there is no need to discuss it here.  Unless it’s dove season, stay in your hotel.

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Justin Birmingham

Justin Birmingham is a Research Analyst at Drillinginfo. He creates proprietary research studies, works with statistical models and manages datasets for the DI Analytics team. Justin earned his Bachelor of Science from Texas State University – San Marcos.