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Quicksilver jumps on board with the Liquids talk in Barnett


In Quicksilver’s latest investment presentation at the IPAA Oil & Gas Investment Symposium last month they talked about what they call their combo play in the southern part of the Barnett Shale.  This combo play is in eastern Hood, western Johnson and Somervell counties and, according to Quicksilver, contains a substantial amount of natural gas liquids (NGLs).

The gas in the area is high BTU gas, between 1225 and 1250, and they are producing approximately 130 barrels of liquids per 1 million cubic feet of gas from the combo area.  To further explain the benefit of the higher BTU gas they provided some cost analysis based on $5/Mcf gas and $34/Bbl oil which would put their value per Mcf at $8.07 before transportation.

Quicksilver seems to be falling in line with a lot of other operators in that they are now focusing on their liquids position and with the price of gas who can blame them.

For more information about Quicksilver visit the Quicksilver Resources Operator folder in DI’s Unconventional Updates in DNA.

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