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Pre-Permits…Gettin’ A Bit Deeper


A quick search for pre-permits in the last 30 days found 364 of them, and nearly half were at or below 10,000. All of the “depth” stars (remember your Star Wars!)are being cheerfully–we hope–drilled by Pioneer at depths of 21,000 in Live Oak, Bee and Karnes county. A bit surprising on the Bee county test, but maybe the EF is running that way these days. One of the more interesting pre-permits is a 4,000′ test in Presidio county being drilled by Inland Ocean.. to say that Presidio is lightly drilled would be an understatement, but here’s hoping that Inland find all the pay they can deal with!!!…To see detail on a well, hover your cursor over the dot. Try the Free Trial to create your own maps and to click down for more details, such as play information, related filings, production data, and evaluation tools.

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