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Petrohawk Still Optimizing Casing Design


Floyd Wilson of Petrohawk had an interesting discussion about Haynesville casing design at the Barclays conference last week.  I checked in on the audio from their website. 

He stated a few times that they have a goal to save around $1MM per well by optimizing the casing design.  One thing they are working on is a way to save money on horsepower used to complete and stimulate their Haynesville wells.  The theory is that if they use a larger diameter casing string, horsepower needed drops.  With smaller diamter casing, power is lost due to friction and other inefficiences. 

They stated last summer i believe, that they optimized casing design in the Eagle Ford by eliminating the need for an intermediate casing string.  In this current environment where frac crews and service companies are expensive and challenging to come by, optimization is even more key to well economics.  Petrohawk has certainly been a leader in this regard.

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