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Operator Clean Up and Other Data Entry Fixes…


We have been focusing over the last several months on cleaning up and/or optimizing certain data entry and QC processes.

One of the obvious errors that we have cleaned up are the cases in which a gas id# was associated with more than one well OR an oil lease #in a field contained wells that were in widely separated RRC districts.

During completion data entry we were , in rare cases,  mis-keying either the gas id# or the permit# in the completion form. This either associated the api# with a pre-existing completion in a well in a different place, or it associated the well with a non-existing gas id#. We’ve changed our completion validation process to block these associations and not load the data until the discrepancy is corrected.

Another problem we have had, in certain states and certain cases, was keeping the Operator as current as possible.  We fixed a database schema to help with this, and cleaned up and brought up to date some 15,000 (out of nearly one million) operators.  In addition, with this fix, you can search by production or well in Search Wizard for the most current operator.

However, you can still access the historical operators of a particular well by clicking on the well in Table View. The request has been made to be able to search by first operator; we are currently looking to see how complete our “First Operator” table is.

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