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Opening The Door To Innovation – The API Era


Over the last several years the tech industry has seen the emergence of the API economy resulting in an explosion of innovation. Every notable tech company from Microsoft, to Apple, to Google uses API’s to enrich their products and spur innovation. So what are APIs, and why should the Oil & Gas industry care about them?

API stands for application programming interface. To put it simply it is the modern day Rosetta Stone which allows for applications like the ones you run on your smart phone to easily communicate or “interface” with a pool of data or another application. If you have ever used Yelp reviews in Apple Maps or have been rerouted by Google Maps due to an accident reported by Waze then you have benefited from the power of API’s.

The Oil & Gas industry should care because this innovation engine is now available to them with Drillinginfo’s release of its new API: Direct Access. DI Plus subscribers can now tap into constantly updated proprietary intelligence faster and easier than ever before. This window into Drillinginfo’s intelligence will start with 1.5 million permits spanning 32 states and daily updates on 95% of the U.S. rig fleet. This will grow in 2016 to include wells, completions, production, directionals, and leases.


The real power of Direct Access really comes alive with your creativity. Imagine the opportunities for fast and unique analysis of merged Drillinginfo proprietary data and your internal datasets. Imagine the mobile apps that you will build to make your team more productive and make decisions faster. With each update the possibilities grow and are limited only by your imagination. While competitors waste time seeking updated datasets and spend hours exporting and importing them into their internal warehouse you will be on your way to real business outcomes.

With the fall of oil prices margins are getting thinner and everyone is feeling the pinch, but companies that see this as an opportunity to become more efficient and drive innovation further will be the future leaders of the industry. Direct Access is a new engine for innovation that will transform workflows and empower companies to compete in any priced environment. What will you do with it?

As Thomas Edison said, “There is a way to do it better – find it.”

Learn more about getting started by checking out this demo:

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JC Zapata

JC Zapata is a Product Marketing Manager for Drillinginfo. He is responsible for go-to-market strategy, sales enablement, and customer facing materials for several products across the Drillinginfo portfolio. JC has a diverse background in product marketing including entrepreneurship, startup companies and Fortune 50 experience. JC has completed 4 Ironman races, holds a BA in Political Science from Rice University and a MBA from the University of Texas McCombs School of Business.