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ONEOK Invests $180-240 Million in Woodford Shale


Production of NGLs in the Woodford Shale has drawn a lot of attention to the play recently. ONEOK Partners in particular has announced that they plan to invest between $180 million to $240 million over the duration of the first half of 2012 between NGL projects in the Cana-Woodford Shale and Granite Wash play. These investments are expected to add approximately 75,000 to 80,000 barrels of NGLs per day.

The Company plans to construct over 230 miles of pipeline specifically for NGLs along with installing additional pump stations to increase capacity to 240,000 bpd.

Below you can see a map created on the DrillingInfo site that shows areas/permits of the Woodford Shale being affected by the expansion of ONEOK’s projects.  A total of 63 permits were issued in the past two weeks and three of these permits are in the regions affected by ONEOK’s pipeline.

These three permits alone were issued in the past week. The ONEOK Arbuckle pipeline will extend throughout these regions and on into Texas as you can see below.

The large number of permits being issued in such a short amount of time can vouch for the amount of attention the Woodford Shale is grabbing from both operators and midstream operators.

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