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Oil & Gas Across the Globe: Argentina, Colombia & Australia


The Drillinginfo World Members Meeting got off to an exciting start yesterday afternoon, as hundreds of participants arrived in Austin, Texas ready to discover how they can use their subscription to make better Oil & Gas decisions, faster.

There were a number of interesting opening day sessions, including presentations on how to use Drillinginfo to locate open acreage in active plays, how to find the best way into top US shale plays, as well as a fantastic overview of what’s currently happening in the Permian Basin.

As intriguing as those sessions were, I decided to spend the day at the International Insights Summit. It turned out to be a really great use of my time.

Admittedly, international data isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of Drillinginfo. However, between our massive international growth in just the last two years, and the addition of several world class Regional Managers stationed around the globe, that is certain to change faster than our UK office can say “Bangers and Mash”.

I live tweeted updates from each presentation throughout the day and will continue to do so throughout the week. You can review the notes by searching Twitter for the hashtag #DIWMM12. But, as good as those sound bites were, we thought the best thing to do for everyone who couldn’t make it to Austin was to share slides from each presentation.

We are currently working on a delivery method and will have them available by Friday. So, if you would like access to, “Argentina Unconventionals: Looking Forward to the Second Stage”, “Colombia: Building on a Decade of Success”, and “Australia: The Golden Age of Gas”, please send an email with your name, title, company name and phone number to jhahn[at]drillinginfo[dot]com and I will send them your way as soon as they are ready.

Now it’s your turn. Are you active in Argentina, Colombia, or Australia today? Please leave a comment below.

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