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Northern LA Lease Detail Database is key to DI’s Haynesville Shale Play Toolkit


Recent announcements of major players taking large positions in the Haynesville Shale play in Northern Louisiana are stirring intense interest through out the E&P industry. Drillinginfo can provide a full complement of tools for companies seeking to establish positions in this emerging resource play. Whether it’s land or geology, DI has the datasets and functionality to assist in finding open acreage in less time.

The center piece of Drillinginfo’s Haynesville Shale tool kit is our exclusive Northern Louisiana Lease Detail database (formerly known as Section Check). This dataset consists of over 250,000 entries for Leasing Data, Royalty Conveyances, Mineral Deeds, Assignments etc. for 20 parishes in Northern LA. It is the only available database of this information for Northern LA. The information is current and updated weekly.

With DI’s Northern Louisiana Lease Detail database land departments can jump start the process of identifying leasing opportunities and mineral rights holders. The database contains information dating back between 7 and 20 years depending on the parish. There is information for an estimated 300,000 sections in the database.

Access to this database is available on an annual subscription basis or by individual section.

In addition to the Northern Louisiana Lease Detail database, Drillinginfo has a full suite of products that will assist in the development of Haynesville Shale strategies. Another key element is DI’s LandTrac™ Unified Land and Exploration Suite. This unique tool provides mineral tract outlines drawn from the legal descriptions on the lease documents filed at the courthouses. LandTrac polygons can be annotated by grantee or lease expiration date. This data is available on a parish wide annual license for 20 Northern Louisiana Parishes.

To round out the Haynesville Shale toolkit, members can access DI’s Louisiana Unit Geology dataset that contains geologic and engineering exhibits presented by a company or individual to the Louisiana Office of Conservation (OOC) to support their request for the OOC to create or change a unit including scanned images of the majority of Louisiana Unit Geology exhibits. The Louisiana Unit Geology database is updated weekly and available as an add-on to DI Basic subscriptions that include Louisiana.

DI Plus customers get a substantial discount on the Leasing Activity database in addition to full access to LandTrac Parishes and counties and Unit Geology data.

Collectively, Drillinginfo has the most comprehensive information and tools for companies looking to find positions and opportunity in this hot new resource play. To get more information about Drillinginfo’s Haynesville Shale Play information tool kit, including the Northern Louisiana Leasing Activity database call 512.477.9200 ext 1.


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