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North Dakota Production Data Debuts on Drillinginfo


Drillinginfo has officially released North Dakota production data for its members.  North Dakota is now the 5th largest oil and gas producing state and activity associated with the Bakken Shale will continue to keep the interest high.  As a result, Drillinginfo is working to provide a comprehensive solution for North Dakota and the Bakken.

North Dakota production dataset consists of the complete production data provided by the State, including well data from the 1920’s.  Legacy production from approximately 9,900 producing leases dating to the 1950’s  is included in this release. The release includes more than 18,000 well APIs.  The release also includes bottom hole locations for directional wells.  The entire dataset is updated weekly and refreshed for consumption each Monday.

Included in the North Dakota data release is the display of “Off Confidential” date allowing members to identify the future release date of the production data for each well.  Additional Drillinginfo site modifications for North Dakota subscribers include:

– search by reservoir name

– display of well bore name for bottom hole locations

– North Dakota Production Economics Calculator with the Severance Tax settings for North Dakota

More information can be found in the Resource by State section of

To round out North Dakota data, Drillinginfo will add fee leasing information in 2009 and make directional survey values available as an independent dataset in the near term.

This information release is available to DI Basic Subscribers with North Dakota-included subscriptions, DI Allstate Subscribers, and DI Plus Subscribers.  To learn more about North Dakota production data or to add North Dakota to your current subscription, contact a Drillinginfo representative at 888.477.7667 ext 1.


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