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Newly Mapped API Numbers


After extensive work and testing we are pleased to notify our customers that we’ve added lat-long values to approximately 13,000+ existing API #’s based on data we received with our acquisition of HPDI. 8945 of these newly mapped API #’s are producers as shown in the map below; while 5500 are producers which predate the Texas RRC’s first capture of production data (1970).

The mapping of these API #’s now locate nearly 326,000,000 BO,  5.8 TCF, and 1.3 BBOE of additional allocated production.



You may download the spreadsheet of API #s (sorted by county), to find API #’s that may be of interest to you.  Or, just copy and paste the list into the API # box in your searches to see if these newly located API #’s are relevant to the work that you are doing.

Below is an example of the usefulness of this older producing data. This is a map of Terrell Point (3900) field in Goliad Co, TX. The pink circles define the mapped wells in this field previous to our new import. The aqua circles define newly mapped old producers. You now have access to more extensive data within this field.


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