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Newfield in the Woodford Shale, and SXLs (super extended laterals)


Newfield Exploration company has a large stake in the Woodford Shale in SE Oklahoma.  In 2010, they intend to drill 50 wells and they are already producing almost 200 MMcfepd net.  Below is a map of their SE Oklahoma activity, bubbled by 2nd month production and colored by cum gas produced.  It appears that the area between Gerty and Ashland may be a sweet spot with the highest initial production, and the highest cumulative production.

Also of note is that Newfield is now experimenting with SXL’s (super extended laterals).  SXL’s are laterals which can reach up to 9000′ in length vs 5000′ laterals in their normal Woodford wells.  SXLs cost $7-$8MM to drill and complete.  They see higher initial production and ultimately higher EUR’s, although more testing is necessary.  Newfield estimates that about 1/3 of their acreage can support SXL’s, sometimes existing spacing guidelines and drilling units can prevent SXL’s.  They quote as of their 4Q 2009 conference call SXL average IP’s of about 10 MMcfepd.  Below is a graphic from their most recent Newfield newsletter of their drilling efficiency gains over the past few years.  These gains make the SXL’s economically viable.  Basically it takes them less rigs to drill more lateral feet per year.

Drilling Info – Energy Strategy partners tracks industry progress in the Woodford shale in our Woodford Unconventional Updates area.


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Justin Birmingham

Justin Birmingham is a Research Analyst at Drillinginfo. He creates proprietary research studies, works with statistical models and manages datasets for the DI Analytics team. Justin earned his Bachelor of Science from Texas State University – San Marcos.