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Newfield and Devon Activity; Drillinginfo Can Show What Zones Are Being Targeted


I normally would open a Granite Wash blog entry with a paragraph about how operators love touting their GW position, the liquids component combined with the stacked pay makes for attractive RORs yada yada yada.  Instead, I will dive right in.

Newfield Operations Notes, 1Q2011 Earnings:

– 4 operated rigs, 39 HZ wells drilled so far.

– Newfield has tested many zones but is focusing their current efforts on the Marmaton zone.  If you are like me, you probably can’t keep track of the dozen or so different zones operators are talking about.  Below is a graphic from the good folks over at seismic specialists .

– 21 of their HZ wells have targeted the Marmaton with average IPs of 17 MMcfe/D.

– They have 50,000 net acres and use about 16 stage fracs.

– The Maramaton has very rich gas at 1300 BTU.

Devon Operations Notes, 1Q2011 Earnings

– Getting nice results from the Cherokee (also in the Des Moines group with the Marmaton) and the Granite Wash A.

– Identified ~700 risked undrilled locations.

How Can You Use Your Drillinginfo Account To Better Understand Current Granite Wash Activity?

Strat Column

Basic Activity: Permitting and Production

One of the great things about Drillinginfo is the wide range of data available.  For example, we can look a little deeper at some completion reports to determine what specific formation a well is targeting.

I found two wells side by side…

Using the above strat column as reference, combined with the Drillinginfo completion report data, it becomes clear that the dry gas well targeted the Atoka while the wet gas well targeted the Des Moines which includes the Marmaton.  This conclusion fits with industry reports being that most of the Atoka is dry and the Marmaton is wet.

This type of work can be done for groups of wells and then production can be used to find trends within the different zones.  DI-ESP does some of this work, mainly in the Eagle Ford and Niobrara thus far, and is available to our clients.

We are approaching another conference call season so that will provide manymore blogs, keep checking back.

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