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New Tutorials! Maps, Searching & More!


Drillinginfo continues to add new features and functionality to the site. Click the links below to find out about how to use recent additions to the map view and features that are coming soon!

Click here to learn about adding parcels to your map and the new mineral appraisals.

Click here to see how to search using a Lat/Long point and radius.

Click here to learn how to use the Labels/Colors/Symbols feature.

Click here to understand the New Aerial Layer.

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Mark Nibbelink

Mark Nibbelink is co-founder and director of university outreach at Enverus. Before co-founding Enverus (formerly Drillinginfo) in 1999, Mark had a long career as a prospect geologist at Gulf Oil before beginning work as an independent geologist. Mark is responsible for quality control and data integrity. He received his Bachelor of Arts in geology and his master’s in geology and geophysics from Dartmouth College.