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Texas Delaware Basin — Bone Springs and Wolfcamp


The US is now home to many unconventional plays, from established gas plays like Barnett and Fayetteville, to newer hybrid plays like the Niobrara and Eagle Ford. There are many unanswered questions about all these plays, but some are under the radar a bit more than others. This blog seeks to uncover the trends in all of the emerging unconventional US plays. We will christen this blog with an entry about the not-so-obscure but still emerging Texas Bone Springs play in the Delaware Basin.

First, lets build the setting. The Delaware Basin is west of the Midland Basin separated by the Central Basin Platform.

For the rest of this blog I pulled what I consider to be all unconventional activity from 2010 to present. This includes Bone Springs and Wolfcamp activity.

What types of wellbores are being used out there?

Who is drilling the verticals and horizontals and where are the liquid sweet-spots? These next two maps are bubbled by peak monthly liquids.

Finally, What are these wells targeting?

It appears that the further south you go, the more verticals you will encounter. I have heard companies in the past talk about drilling Wolfbone (a commingled target) in areas where there is stacked pay and drilling horizontals in areas where the stacked pay is not as pronounced. In one of the upcoming Emerging Plays blogs, I will move North into the New Mexico portion of the play where there is equally interesting activity happening. EOG and others have been drilling successful unconventional wells there and it is worth a deeper look.

Let me know of any other emerging plays you would like to see highlighted in this blog. Some popular requests in the queue are Utica, Alberta Bakken and the Monterrey play out in California.

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