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Montana Bakken Activity, Infill Development Snapshot: Enerplus


Excluding the Elm Coulee field in Richland, County Montana, there is a relatively small amount of Montana Bakken activity.  Below I have posted a few maps I generated while I was researching current activity.  A permit search from the last 365 days returned about 100 Bakken permits.  The company in North Sheridan County is called Taqa North USA and I am not familiar with their operations.  The rest of the activity is in Roosevelt and Richland, EOG has been the most active, along with a host of other usual unconventional suspects.


A production search from 2010 to present returned 42 Bakken wells.  These wells although few in number, are coming on at pretty impressive volumes.  Enerplus has 12 wells represented with an average max monthly BO/D of 321 and an average 6 month cum of 48,000 BOE.

Another note of interest is how these operators are drilling infill wells.  I blew up the sweetspot area in central Richland in this next graphic.  I used the Drillinginfo symbol feature to signify the 2010 Enerplus wells, they are the teal squares.  The offset wells were returned using the ‘Get Offset Well’ feature.  Again, most of the offsets here are currently operated by Enerplus and drilled in the past 5 years or so.  The offsets are colored by first prod date to get an idea of relative spud dates.

It is interesting to see how these unconventionals are evolving as they mature.  DI-ESP has studied ‘cannibalization’ from infill development in the Wolfberry and Barnett.  We are currently working to provide our subscribers with studies on spacing and infill development for other unconventionals.

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