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Midland Basin Horizontal Activity Shows Similar Patterns To Other Unconventionals


The Permian Basin is one of the hottest unconventional plays in the US.  We have seen, and this blog has chronicled many acreage deals in the past year or so.  This is a quick entry detailing the horizontal activity to the east around the Midland Basin.

First a map of horizontal permits since mid 2010.  The Wolffork, first announced by Approach Resources late last year, is an emerging area.  The next slide shows producers that have come online since the beginning of 2010.  The most impressive well of the bunch has to be one of the EOG wells at the Crockett/Irion County border.  It topped out at 333 BOPD.


One interesting takeaway is the cluster of EOG well locations near that University 40 well.  It looks exactly the same as their Barnett Gas and Eagle Ford Oil simulfrac patterns.  Here is a slide showing a similar spacing and a vertical monitor well within.

With new technologies, there will no doubt be more emerging areas and more acreage being sold.  We will attempt to stay on top of this here on this blog.  Email me with comments or post them to the right.

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