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Michigan – Trenton, Prairie du Chien Can be Rewarding


One story about the discovery of Albion-Scipio is that the field was identified during a seance by a fortune teller whose “vision” was passed along to whoever drilled it. Talk about unconventional exploration!! But it looks as if some of that magic still lives on, with Westbay Exploration achieving good oil volumes with minimal declines in a series of wells OFF the trend of the normal NW-SE porosity/fracture fairway.


In the northern part of the state the Prairie du Chien formation is delivering both liquids and gas, and Whiting Oil seems to have identified an important zone to re-perf, or they’ve developed a useful re-frac technique since they’ve been able to stop decline in their State South Buckeye 41-1 lease and boost gas production by approximately 60X (from 1571 MCF/M in 11/2009 to 996630 MCF/M in 4/2010). Superb engineering!

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