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Meet The 100,000 Acre Behemoth Shell Harrison Ranch


Large, contiguous acreage positions are one of the benefits to drilling the Eagle Ford.  South Texas ranches can be huge and offer operators great opportunites both in leasing them outright, and in joint ventures.  There is one lease that encapsulates this more than any other… meet the Shell-operated Harrison Ranch.

There are a number of stories available with a google search about this ranch.  Supposedly it was leased for $1Billion, at least thats what we heard at the DUG Eagle Ford.  This figure seems reasonable considering thats $10k/acre.

Drillinginfo is a great way to get acquainted to this lease.  Not only does it have permits/production/well events/completions etc., but it has a comprehensive leasing component.  A leasing component that I have been spoiled with, a leasing component that if I had to go without would deeply sadden me.  I could not study the Eagle Ford, all unconventionals for that matter, like I do without it.  Not only does it have lease details, but it has lease polygons and drilling units layered into the maps.  I put together a slide show detailing the Harrison Ranch.  I’ll just post the slides below.


106,000 acres does make the Harrison Ranch the largest single leasehold in the Eagle Ford.  Shell seems to have this lease locked up, however there are still plenty of other opportunites for operators to partner up or lease other large positions.  Below is a list of grantees of some of the larger single leases.  I would include acreage, contact info, record number, county etc. but I need to leave the goods for our customers.  These leases average about 50,000 acres each.

Any questions regarding purchasing Drillinginfo lease information can be directed to [email protected].  I would love to hear any more information about this lease, do not hesitate to comment or leave me an email.  DI Subscribers, visit the Eagle Ford Unconventional Update for much more Eagle Ford information, saved searches and presentations.

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