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Inside DrilIinginfo’s Map Drawers #3: Southern Heat Map of Permitting Trends


The first and second installments of Inside Drillinginfo’s Map Drawers were big hits, so here we go for three. Rather than working from a print map, we decided to leverage some of our current technology and show off what you have access to from DI right now. I asked Senior GIS Supervisor – GIS Strike Force Quanah Berkley a few questions about this map.

Title : Southern Heat – Drillinginfo Heat Map Shows the Hottest Permitting Trends Over the Last 90 Days

What’s the purpose of this map?

This map was made to show off a new GIS layer that can be found on our new platform – DI 2.0. We’ve recently added heat maps for both permitting and leasing activity to give users a high level view of where the hottest action is across the U.S. The map also highlights how well the permit heat maps work with our rig locations data. If one finds a hot permitting area without any rig activity that may be a sign of drilling soon to come.

Which Cartography Group made it?

The GIS Strike Force


Final output is digital; however, the map was made utilizing DI WMS and WFS layers.

Sources of data and how it’s processed?

The GIS Team generates this heat map layer using DI point permit data. The permit locations are processed with the ESRI ArcGIS Kernel Density tool. The hottest areas are a combination of density and proximity of permits to other permits.

Projection / Coordinate System used?

WGS 84 Web Mercator (Auxiliary Sphere) – This is the projection/coordinate system currently used on the new platform DI is building, commonly known as DI 2.0.

Design Elements

This map is meant to be rather straight forward to really let the data be the star. We chose to focus on some of the plays in the Southern United States. Hopefully folks will see this map and want to come to DI 2.0 to see the entire layer along with some other great DI data sets.

Choice of Color Palette and Font(s) and why? Transparencies?

The choice of colors is meant play on the theme of heat and the South. It has bright and bold colors to draw the viewer immediately to this new data set.

Legends / Insets / Annotations / Other elements and why?

All this was kept pretty minimal. The user will find DI Rigs in the legend. However, the heat data speaks for itself.

Why we love it?

We love this map because it really highlights part of what makes the DI 2.0 platform so great. That is the new platform gives us the ability to quickly get new analytical layers and technologies out to our clients. As we innovate here at DI our clients will see the results fast allowing them to make better decisions, faster.

Your Turn

What do you think? Isn’t it great to see such up-to-date data visualized so easily? Leave a comment below.

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