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Magnum Hunter JV, What Can Drillinginfo Tell Us?


There has been much discussion about the big Eagle Ford JVs and rightfully so.  Foreign supermajors such as Statoil, Talisman, Reliance and CNOOC buying in and spending BILLIONS combined is exciting news.  However, there also are smaller companies making moves to develop their acreage on much smaller scales.  Take Magnum Hunter for example.

Magnum Hunter owns 22,864 net acres, much of it in the oil window.  They already have a few AMIs, 29,576 gross acres with Hunt and 2,100 gross acres with EOG, in Gonazales County.  Now they released new information regarding a 3,000 gross acre AMI with an undisclosed, independent E&P company.  The AMI is in Gonzales and Lavaca County.  The two companies will participate 50/50 in at least two wells, the first being the Southern Hunter 1H.

This got me to thinking, what other information can I glean from Drillinginfo about Magnum Hunter and the other operator?  After all, this is one of the great uses of Drillinginfo, to identify the activity of smaller companies, both public and private that don’t give out as much information as the larger companies.  Lucas Energy is another such company until they recently revamped their website and began disclosing their activites in a more timley basis.

Well, here is a map I generated from Drillinginfo after some quick digging (about 10 minutes).  This first map shows the Southern Hunter 1H (the first well in this JV) and the surrounding leases.  I am not sure who Energy Horizons is, but they look like a good candidate as the “other” private E&P company in the JV.  Also, maybe Cortez although their acreage doesn’t spill into Lavaca like Energy Horizon’s does.

Magnum Hunter will spud the second well in this JV about 90 days after the evaluation of the Southern Hunter, according to the press release.  Check back early and often with this blog and the Eagle Ford DNA Unconventional Update.

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