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Lightnin’ Fast!


This last weekend, our crack team of IT professionals and engineers pulled off the Moon Launch they have been prepping for since the beginning of last year.  Originally scheduled for May, our hardware and network upgrade and coincident co-location move finally made it out of the gates Saturday through Sunday, with some minor download issues reported Monday and the last vestiges of the aerial photos and other ESRI served images being worked out today and tomorrow.

Why the delay, you ask?

We decided that this was the perfect opportunity to fix a variety of issues with the site and to design and implement a platform that is scalable for the next iteration of what we want to do… Drilling Info 3.0 as it were, which you will see signs of over the next dozen months.

What you get today is Blazing Fast Application Speed and robust and fast-rendering maps and an amazing new charting and decline curve analysis tool.  Try it out right now!

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