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Ladies and Gentleman, the Latest in Bakken Wells from American Oil & Gas


American Oil & Gas, who was recently acquired by Hess Corporation, recently announced the latest initial production rate of their Goliath Project in the Bakken play.  The Bergstrom 15-23H had an early 24-hour flow back rate of 2,395 barrels of oil and 3.9 MMcf of gas which equates to 3,049 barrels of oil equivalent of production.  The well has a 9,410’ lateral and 36 frac stages and the Company owns a 95% working interest in the well.

The Bergstrom 15-23H IP and completion details are the latest information American has released regarding their latest Bakken activity as it relates to their Goliath Project.  The following is a list of some of their other wells in the project and the current status as of last month:

Tong Trust 1-20H – Started producing 3/2010 but is currently being worked over to repair damaged production tubing and to install a rod-pump.

Ron Viall 1-25H – Started producing 5/2010 with an IP of 2,844 Boe, an average initial 30-day rate of 987 Boe, and cumulative production of 56,062 Boe as of 8/11/2010.

Summerfield 15-15H – Started producing 5/2010 with an IP of 2,799 Boe, an average initial 30-day rate of 1,046 Boe, and cumulative production of 60,568 Boe as of 8/11/2010.

Johnson 15-35H – Currently being completed with 35 frac stages.

Hickel 15-35H – Drilling completed 7/27/2010 and awaiting completion for 35 frac stages.

Hodenfield 15-33H – Drilling completed 8/5/2010 and awaiting completion for 35 frac stages.

Bergstrom 2-27H – Awaiting completion for 35 frac stages.

Olson 15-36H – Started drilling 8/12/2010.

Hodenfield 15-23H – Start drilling in the next 10 days as of 8/17/2010.

Reid 3-3H – Starts drilling in late 8/2010.

The following is a map of the listed wells above.  For reference to the leases that have 2 wells, the Bergstrom 2-27H is to the west of the 15-23H and the Hodenfield 15-23H is west of the 15-33H.

To learn more visit the Bakken Performance Press Release folder in the Unconventional Updates in DI’s DNA.

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