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Kodiac and Brigham Latest Bakken Performance Press Releases


Right off the bat I want to let Bakken blog readers know that today’s blog serves 2 purposes; to report 5 recently released well performances and to introduce DI’s DNA Performance Press Releases (PPR).  DI Trend editors are constantly combing through industry news, operator reports and industry presentations to find new information about the latest well performances in the unconventional plays we track (look to the right for a list).  For the most part we are looking for IPs, lateral lengths, number of frac stages, choke sizes, etc…, information that can be used to aid in predicting well performances and trends.  Although we can’t get all of the information for every operated well, so far we have been able to provide current snapshots of operator activity/success in the different areas of the plays.  Moving forward we will use these blog posts to report some of these PPRs but to get the most use of the information, login to your DI account and use the instruction at the end of this blog.  And now to the wells…

Kodiac recently announced the results of 2 new Bakken wells, the MC #16-3H and the MC #16-3-11H.  The MC #16-3H recorded a 24-hour production rate of 1,495 Boe per day with a 4,188 foot lateral with 9 frac stages on a 22/64 inch choke.  The MC #16-3-11H recorded a 24-hour production rate of 1,419 Boe per day with a 4,729 foot lateral with 12 frac stages on a 20/64 inch choke.

Brigham also recently reported the results of 3 new Bakken wells.  The Jerome Anderson 15-10 #1H well had a 24-hour peak rate of 3,115 Boe per day with 30 frac stages and is their highest initial rate completion to date in the Ross project located in Mountrail Co., ND.  In their Rough Rider project area the Papineau Trust 17-20 #1H had a 24-hour peak rate of 3,042 Boe per day with 29 frac stages and the Kalil 25-36 #1H had 24-hour peak rate of 1,586 Boe per day with 30 frac stages.

These 5 Bakken wells were added to the over 500 PPR wells available in the DNA Bakken Formation Unconditional Updates folder by using the Well Data tab.  To access PPR wells in DNA click the folder in the folder tree on the left then click the Well Data tab.

In addition, this operator information is uploaded and attached to a well within the DI system so you can view this information on a map and color code (histogram) by the Press Release Rates or Lateral Lengths, where available by operator. (click on map to enlarge)

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