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July Wyoming Oil and Gas Lease Special Auction Results


On July 9th, the Wyoming Office of State Lands & Investments had another successful auction of SE Wyoming oil and gas leases.  They offered 300 parcels in the highly speculative counties of SE Wyoming and brought in $42 million.  These were similar to the results of the last auction on May 12th which brought in $45 million.  The highest value acreage eclipsed $3,000 / acre.

Here is GIS from their site.

Below is a chart showing the most active purchasers and their average bid per acre.  Big Bear Oil and Gas was again the high buyer in terms of both amount of acres and highest bid per acre.

This area is in the DJ Basin of SE Wyoming and North Colorado.  The much ballyhooed EOG Niobrara activity has occurred in Weld County, Co, which borders Laramie County Wyoming.  EOG is also testing their Laramie County, WY acreage, specifically the Silvertip wells highlighted in other entries of this blog.

When Niobrara data finally is released, this blog will certainly be on top of it.  Also check the Niobrara Unconventional Update for further news and analysis, all that is required is a Drillinginfo Login.

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Justin Birmingham

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