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Introducing Drillinginfo’s MarketView Fundamentals: Make Sense of All the Noise


Energy and commodities traders and analysts need accurate information quickly in order to make profitable decisions. Often, the old saying, “too much of a good thing is a bad thing,” applies when they’re conducting research. They search public data sources and volumes of online information, then spend hours, even days, sifting through all that raw data to find what’s useful. There are no solutions to quickly distill virtual mountains of information into actionable intelligence.

Until now.

Enter Drillinginfo’s MarketView Fundamentals, a new toolset that makes this cumbersome process much simpler and faster. Users can pick from multiple solutions to build customized dashboards for viewing forecasts, market predictions, and proprietary data (i.e., daily rig count) — everything they need to make sense of the noise.

Stronger Together

MarketView Fundamentals is a suite of several Drillinginfo Commodity Data Solutions (CDS) products delivered in a single tab in the MarketView Desktop platform to provide users with access to a comprehensive collection of global energy and commodity market data.

What makes MarketView Fundamentals so powerful, is that it combines the features and databases of market-leading solutions we added to our portfolio over the last couple of years through acquisitions including Ponderosa Energy and Pattern Recognition Technologies (PRT). The foundational data is vast and taps into our 20-year history of providing data to the O&G industry.

MarketView Fundamentals comprises six products:

  1. DI Rig Analytics — Proprietary to Drillinginfo, Rig Analytics tracks more than 95 percent of the active rigs in the U.S. through GPS units to deliver the most accurate data in real-time. Drillinginfo is the only company that leverages GPS coverage to deliver rig count data that serves as an early indicator of supply trends — a key part of tracking market fundamentals.
  2. DI Prodcast — An O&G production forecasting tool that includes a guidance-based forecast for 70+ operators, taking into account CAPEX, number of wells drilled/completed, etc. and calculates operator-level break even economics. It also forecasts long-term production based on 300+ breakouts of producing areas across the country down to the Basin/Play/Subplay/Tier level. This interactive forecasting solution allows users to run their own scenarios by utilizing user-defined inputs for key forecast variables in order to better understand and quantify forecast sensitivities.
  3. DI OptiFlo Gas — A pipeline optimization model that analyzes the natural gas interstate pipeline network in the U.S. It links the Prodcast dry natural gas production forecasts to demand via pipeline transportation paths. It is easier and faster to use than competitive solutions that require the creation of large, complex models that take hours or days to run. Users quickly get answers to all questions related to pipeline investment, management, etc.
  4. DI Wellcast — An asset-specific tool that allows a user to choose an area or other definition of production (i.e., operator, county, etc.) and forecast production. Users can evaluate assets or transactions in minutes or hours instead of days. It’s fast, easy to use, and designed to assist decision-makers as they simultaneously vet numerous assets and transactions.
  5. PRT — Provides power load and price forecasts for power regions and sub-regions. It is the most accurate forecast offering available in the market, and serves traders, utilities, marketers, and other power market participants. PRT delivers regional load, wind generation, and price forecasts twice a day Monday through Friday, plus a weekly summary. The cadence of this information is invaluable to traders who follow the U.S. power and natural gas markets, which are amongst the most liquid in the world.
  6. FundamentalEdge — Drillinginfo’s proprietary market forecast report that delivers supply/demand analysis along with forward-looking predictions 5 years out for crude, natural gas, and NGL markets. Analysis includes production forecasts, import/export analysis, infrastructure tracking and analysis, demand forecast, price forecasts, etc.

That’s a high-level introduction to all the MarketView Fundamentals components. To learn more, visit the MarketView Fundamentals section of our web site:

In future posts, we will take a closer look at how our customers can use MarketView Fundamentals to customize their MarketView Desktop platform. Up next — how incorporating Prodcast, our natural gas, crude, and NGL production forecasting software, delivers the most dynamic functionality in the market.

We always welcome feedback and suggestions from our customers, so please don’t hesitate to connect with us and the team on Twitter and Facebook.