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Increasing Value Of SE Wyoming Acreage


On May 12th Wyoming auctioned off 200 parcels of land primarily in the highly speculative counties of SE Wyoming.  The auction brought in $46 million.  Below are a few charts detailing the results.

This chart shows which counties brought in the highest price per acre.  It is no surprise that the highest prices per acre were in counties located in the thick of WY Niobrara speculation.  Goshen, Laramie, Platte were among the highest.

This chart shows the companies who spent the most money.  Big Bear, Questar and Mariner spent the most per acre while Marathon got in for a little less at about $1,000 / acre

Here it is on a map.

The State of Wyoming will be auctioning off 300 more parcels of land in a special auction July 9th.  It will be interesting to see how much that acreage goes for and what other companies buy in.  This play is going to require savvy engineering and savvy horizontal operators to be produced effectively so expect many of the same players that already have operations in other horizontal liquids areas.

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Justin Birmingham

Justin Birmingham is a Research Analyst at Drillinginfo. He creates proprietary research studies, works with statistical models and manages datasets for the DI Analytics team. Justin earned his Bachelor of Science from Texas State University – San Marcos.