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Drillinginfo has made improvements to our Gulf of Mexico dataset.  Here is a summary of these important changes:

1.  Changes to better support Area Name and Block Number:

Understanding offshore opportunities means navigating by Area Name and Block number.

The Production, Well, and Permit Search have been modified to use the Area Name instead of the “county”.  Now you can simply select “High Island Area (HI)” and specify the block number to go straight to data in that area without having to know which pseudo county the block is in.  You can also specify whether you want to see both the surface and bottom hole location information in your search results.


Search Results show the Area Code and block number in a compact format.  Both the surface and bottom hole locations are shown if specified in the search.  Since DI now tags virtually all of our Gulf data with the Area Name and Block you will always have this as part of your search results.


Map Grid improvements mean that you now see the area name and codes more clearly on the map

2.  More Production Data:

Drillinginfo has added production from over 20,000 wells in the continental shelf areas in the past few weeks.  The production data now spans the gulf region with historical data back to 1947.

3. Improved Map Data:

Several changes have been made to improve the map for the Gulf of Mexico

Updates to the map grid mean that you now see the area name and codes commonly used. “De Soto Canyon” instead of “NH16-11” for example.  The information displayed when you hover over a point in map view have been updated to include the Area Name and Block number as well.  The boundaries between state and the MMS jurisdictions are also now more clearly defined.   Finally, the dashed lines showing the directional well path are now operational.


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Ramona Hovey

Ramona Hovey is Managing Director, Technical Business Development for DrillingInfo. She began her career with ARCO Oil and Gas first as a drilling engineer, then as a natural gas trader. She joined DrillingInfo in 2002. Ramona received her Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University and serves on the Department’s Industry Board.

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